Vaisakhi 2022


Baisakhi, also known as Vaisakhi or Vaishakh Sankranti, is an annual festival celebrated with great enthusiasm and fervor by Sikhs and Hindus.It is a spring harvest festival and hence it generally falls in the middle of April every year. Many Hindus also believe that Baisakhi marks the beginning of the new year, however, this is not a universally accepted date. While this festival is celebrated by Sikhs across the world, in India it is celebrated prominently in the states of Punjab and Haryana.While the festival is popularly known as Vaisakhi or Vaisakhi or Vaishakh Sankranti, it is also called by different names in different parts of the country. For example, in Assam it is called Rongoli Bihu, in West Bengal it is called Poila Baisakh, in Tamil Nadu it is called Puthandu, while in Bihar it is called Vaishakh.Read on to know more about the date, history, story, significance, and everything you need to know about Vaisakhi.

When is Vaisakhi 2022

In 2022, Baisakhi will be celebrated on April 14 (Thursday). As per Drik Panchang, this year the auspicious timing for Baisakhi begins on April 14, 2022.

What is the history of Vaisakhi

Vaisakhi has been a harvest festival in Punjab – an area of northern India – for a long time, even before it became so important to Sikhs. 

In 1699, Guru Gobind Singh chose the festival as the moment to establish the Khalsa – that’s the collective name given to Sikhs who’ve been baptized.

What is the significance of Vaisakhi

Since the Khalsa Panth was founded by Guru Gobind Singh Ji on this day, Vaisakhi or Vaisakhi every year marks the establishment of this last Khalsa. On this day people take bath in holy rivers like Ganga, Yamuna, Jhelum etc. and then go to Gurudwara. Baisakhi or Vaisakhi also marks the beginning of the spring season.

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