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16 may what is today history
16th May 2022 is having Lunar Eclipse(Blood Moon) You can check details here  

Today History Timeline

16 May 1926

Manik Varma (16 May 1926 – 10 November 1996) was born. He was an Indian classical singer from the Kirana and Agra gharanas.Padma Shri (1974)
Sangeet Natak Akademi Award (1986)

16 May 1933

Shani, writer of novel 'Kalajal' and film 'Shaukin', was born.

16 May 1946

Gandhiji’s Cabinet Mission announces Plan.

16 May 1960

International Telex Service between India and U.K. started.

16 May 1996

Atal Krishna Behari Vajpayee, leader of Bharatiya Janta Party, becomes the 10th Prime Minister for 13 days (from May 16, 1996 to May 28, 1996 [techinally till 01-06-1996]), although his ability to govern effectively is in doubt

Important Days

In Malaysia, Teacher's Day praises the best educators with public honors, and this year the Innovative Teacher Award joins the Excellent Teacher Award and Excellent Contribution Award.

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16 My Birthdays

 Manik Varma, famous singer, was born.

K. Natwar Singh, Indian scholar and politician, Indian Minister of External Affairs

Shani, writer of novel ‘Kalajal’ and film ‘Shaukin’, was born.

Death/ Death Anniversery

Who was Jacob Leisler?
Jacob Leisler was born in Germany. He was a colonist in the Province of New York.

Why was Jacob Leisler famous?
He was a famous merchant, builder.
He was exponent of Reformed religious fundamentalism and Orangist political ideology.

Why Jacob Leisler hanged?
He was condemned for treason against the English monarchs William III and Mary II. He was hanged in New York City. His estate was forfeited to the Crown.

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